MOREODOR — professionals on the fish and seafood market

the foundation of the company

of experience in seafood of our managers and specialists

158 millions of US dollars  was the turnover  of the company in 2019. We are a responsible tax payer, our production has a confirmed VAT.

The wide assortment of products at our coldstore (more than 350 positions).

We are in a constant search of new items, there is always something new to be tested on the market.

Long-term contracts with suppliers from different countries

The quality control

Our specialists inspect each batch of the bought goods in the production and shipment places (including at our foreign partners storages) and in the own laboratory at our cold storage. We confirm the safety and legality of the products with all necessary products and certificates.

The partnership with our clients

Our customers are big and small wholesale companies, processors of fish and seafood, distributors, markets, internet shops. We are always open for dialogue, and the search of new mutually beneficial solutions. We have a postponed payment for stable clients, work with factoring.

Moreodor is an active participant of the national industry unions: “The Fish Union”, “ The association of the production and trade companies of the fish market”, “The national meat association”, “Rusprodunion”.

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