The Chilean market

Chilean salmon, trout and coho salmon are the largest group in the “Moreodor” purchasing matrix.

Our efforts in studying the Chilean market and establishing relations with farmers and processors allowed us to rank among the top three among the Russian importers in conditions of restrictions on supplies of European salmon introduced in August 2014.

We interact with 12 suppliers, and are proud to partner with Aquachile, Cermaq Chile, Salmones Andes, Pesquera del Mar Antartico, Alimentos Multiexport and Pesquera Torres del Paine.

Thanks to close relations with suppliers and supply planning, we often get better prices and better quality fish than our competitors.

In 2016, we imported 5,280 tons of Chilean salmon, taking 10% of the Russian market, and in the first half of 2017 increased our share to 15%.

The salmon production in Chile in live weight, for 2016; atlantic salmon – 490 000 tons, coho salmon – 120 000 tons, trout – 80 000 tons. The largest importers are the USA, Japan, Brazil and Russia (53,000 tons. )

The Chilean market